Terry Socia


If anyone tells you it's not about the money, then you should be going the other way. It's the only reason people work. I do a great job because I love what I do. If I see you are leaning towards a home or commercial property, I'll do everything I can to get you all the information I can find on that particular property. Whether its taxes, year built, whether it has been windstorm certified and which loan would be best suited for the property. I have a list of service personnel for when you do have an accepted offer that leads you to home inspectors, lenders, plumbers, etc., so you're not left out to fend for yourself. If you would like to talk to a Realtor about your property, I invite you to give me a call. I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with my candid assessment of what your property will sell for in today's market and how long you can expect that process to take. I will not pressure you in any way to use my services. The fact is, I built my business on repeat business and referrals. You can feel comfortable talking to me, in confidence, without feeling pressured in any way. Call me. Let's talk.

I've had a license since 1990, (Wow! time flies when you're having fun!), and I started out slow, working nights in a machine shop and Real Estate during the day. I figured out really quick that if you have the listing then you are more than likely going to get paid. You can show a dozen homes and never sell anything but if you have the listing then you are in! I've sold more homes than commercial but it's not much difference in the process. Wire a contract, take it to title, have inspections, get a loan and go to close. Easier said than done but that's the basics. I have several investors that I love to work with, and I can show you where to find these good buys as well. Call me and let's start building your Real Estate portfolio today!

Position: Realtor
Phone: 361-729-2256
Cell: 281-381-2233
Toll Free: 800-221-5028
Fax: 361-729-1784
Email: terrysocia@yahoo.com